Automation Testing Framework

GOKUL M S | January 04, 2023

Automation Testing Framework

The Test Automation Framework can be defined as a set of guidelines such as test-data handling, adherence to coding standards, object repository treatment, and so on,that when followed during automation scripting produce beneficial outcomes such as improved code reuse, greater movability, and lower script maintenance costs.

These are simply guidelines; they are not mandatory, and you can still script while not following the guidelines.

However, you may miss out on the benefits of getting a framework.

Below are the various sorts of automatic testing frameworks:

  1. Linear Scripting
  2. Library Design Framework
  3. Data-Driven Testing Framework
  4. Keyword-Driven or Table-Driven Testing Framework
  5. Hybrid Check Automation Framework

1. Linear Scripting

It is the easiest of all testing automation frameworks and is conjointly understood as "Record & Playback".

During this Automation Testing Framework, the tester manually records every step (navigation and user inputs) and inserts checkpoints (validation steps) within the prelim round.

The tester then replays the recorded script in the subsequent rounds.


  • Quickest method for creating a script.
  • Automation expertise not needed.
  • The most straightforward method for learning the features of the Testing tool.


  • Little re-usage of scripts.
  • knowledge in the test is hardcoded into the script.
  • Maintenance is hard.

2. The Check Library design framework

In this Automation Testing Framework, take a look at scripts first recorded by the "Record & Playback" methodology.

Later, common tasks within the scripts are known and classified into functions.

The functions are referred to by the main look at the script, referred to as the Driver, in several ways in which to take a look at cases.


  • Compared to "Record & Playback", structured scripts achieve a higher level of code reuse.
  • Automation scripts are less expensive to develop due to greater code reuse.
  • Simplified script maintenance.


  • Technical proficiency is required to write scripts using the Test Library Framework.
  • More time is required in planning and preparing test scripts.
  • Test data is encoded in scripts.

3. Data-Driven Testing Framework

While the Test Case logic in this Framework is housed in Test Scripts, the Test Data is kept separate and apart from the Test Scripts. Test Data is retrieved from external files (Excel, Text, CSV, ODBC sources, DAO objects, and ADO objects) and loaded into test script variables. Both input values and verification values are used with variables. Linear Scripting or the Test Library Framework are used to create the test scripts themselves.


  • The Test Data is unaffected by modifications to the Test Scripts.
  • Multiple sets of data can be used to execute test cases.
  • Simply changing the test data in the external data file allows for the execution of numerous test scenarios.


  • Planning and preparing test scripts and test data require more time.

4. Keyword-Driven or Table-Driven Testing Framework

Independent of the test automation tool used to execute them, data tables and keywords are required for the development of the Keyword-Driven or Table-Driven automation framework. Both with and without the Application, tests can be created. In a keyword-driven test, each test's step-by-step instructions and a table detailing the functionality of the application-under-test are provided.

A Keyword Driven Framework is made up of three fundamental parts:

Component Function- Component functions are functions that actively manipulate or query GUI components. Examples of functions are clicking a web button with all error handling, and entering data into a web edit with all error handling. Component functionality can be application-dependent or application-independent.

Keyword- A GUI component can be subjected to a keyword action. Ex. Some Keywords (Actions) for a GUI Component Textbox would be InputText, VerifyValue, VerifyProperty, and so on.

Application Map- Application maps provide named references to GUI components. Application maps are just "object repositories".


  • Provides high code reuse.
  • Independence from test tools.
  • The same script works in his AUT regardless of the application under test (with some caveats).
  • Tests can be designed without or with AUT.


  • The initial investment is very high, so this advantage can only be realized if the application is fairly large and the test scripts are maintained for several years.
  • Building a keyword-driven framework requires advanced automation expertise.

5. Hybrid Check Automation Framework

As the name recommends this system is the blend of at least one Robotization Structures talked about above pulling from their assets and attempting to alleviate their shortcomings. The half and half test QA computerization structure most test mechanization systems advance into over the long run and numerous undertakings. The greatest industry involves Watchword systems in a mix of Capability disintegration techniques.

6. Modular Automation Framework

The Modular Test Automation Framework organizes each test case into smaller independent modules. There are different scenarios for each case. However, the framework's single master script handles all these cases. This is a very efficient approach, but it requires extensive planning and is best suited for developers with experience with test automation tools.

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Automation testing using test automation frameworks helps in many ways such as faster defect detection, test scripts can be reused and minimum intervening by humans while running the test scripts. Our company has a team of experienced and skilled testers who are proficient in using a variety of automation testing tools.

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