Odoo CRM: Why Should You Use It?

HARIPRIYA C J | January 12, 2023

Odoo CRM: Why Should You Use It?

A CRM system integrates all of your business' interactions and relationships with prospects and clients. CRM systems help organizations stay in touch with their clients, reduce procedures, and increase revenue. CRM software allows you to focus on your organization's interactions with specific people such as customers, service users, colleagues, or suppliers throughout the lifecycle of the relationship, such as discovering new customers, earning their business, and providing support and additional services. The sales and marketing teams can monitor and follow a customer's interactions with your business with the assistance of a CRM solution. Optimizing each customer touchpoint can improve the customer experience.

What Makes Odoo CRM So Effective?

Odoo CRM is a solution that provides complete control over marketing, sales, and customer support. Since Odoo is being used, updates are made seamlessly because everything in your Odoo ERP is interconnected. CRM is an essential aspect of every business and can assist in keeping track of and establishing long-term partnerships. In order to succeed in the long run in any industry, you must develop solid relationships with your clients. Maintaining an existing client base is simpler than finding new ones. This is why investing a modest amount of time in your customer relationship may make a big difference.

Advantages of using the Odoo CRM Module for all of Your Business Operations:

Integrated CRM Module

The Odoo CRM module is one of the most popular and advanced Odoo solutions for your business. And this comes with the solution in both the Enterprise and Community editions. The direct connection of Odoo with the CRM provides you with full control over all business operations. As a result, the organization will benefit from a rise in performance.

Integration With the Sales Module

The Odoo CRM instantly generates Sale Orders for the customers. And the interconnection and direct interactions allow you to pursue prospects depending on the lead operations. As a result, this functionality sets Odoo CRM apart from other CRM Modules.

Cost Effective

When compared to other CRM modules, Odoo CRM is one of the most affordable options. Without putting a burden on your finances, it will provide you with access to all the service-based solutions. Furthermore, neither of the given tools require configuration and are all simple to use.

For all business-related operations, these tools are quite helpful, and they support you in maintaining appropriate relationships with your clients.

Real-Time Data Analytics Eliminates Lags

The Odoo CRM modules are entirely built on real-time activities, therefore there is no lag in functioning. Thus the operations are finished promptly and without any delays. As a result, it enables organizations to enhance their efficiency in a short amount of time while offering excellent overall results. This also helps organizations stay ahead of their competitors.

Quick and Simple Customization

Odoo CRM allows you to customize the module to meet your own organizational needs. Yes, you read that correctly. You may easily alter your module in the future to suit your preferences or organizational needs. As a result, you can personalize your modules using your own ideas and solutions. You can compete in today's competitive world by adding exclusive features.

For organizations of all sizes, it is among the most significant advantages of Odoo.

Additional Benefits of Odoo CRM

  • Accurate sales prediction and the production of sales reports.
  • Notification of scheduled tasks and activities.
  • Runs on vibrant platforms such as a laptop, smartphones, or tablet.
  • Option for mass mailing.
  • Accurate opportunity and lead tracking.
  • Integrations with modules for websites, accounting, and other applications.
  • Integration of third-party programs such as Google Calendar and VoIP calls are perfect.
  • Because the application is hosted in the cloud, there is no risk of data loss.
  • Multi-contact management.
  • Saving time through automated task management.
  • Enhanced reporting and analytical information.
  • Prioritizing leads.
  • Centralized web-based system.


As a result, we can conclude that Odoo CRM is the ideal choice for all of your business needs. Since it is loaded with features, you can begin your business operations instantly. Many successful firms utilize Odoo CRM to propel their operations forward, and we believe you.

If you choose the correct solution, the benefit of CRM much exceeds the initial investment, effort, and deployment time needed. Sanesquare professionals are available for any CRM service you need in Odoo. We will be delighted to answer your concerns and respond to your concerns.

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