Point of Sale Improvements in Odoo 16

MIHRAN THALHATH | October 26, 2022

Point of Sale Improvements in Odoo 16

Odoo ERP is on the rise and is giving massive competition to the market leaders like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. The wide variety of modules available in Odoo and the huge community support of Odoo contribute a lot to this popularity. One module that has been receiving lots of love lately is the Point of Sale module. Let us take a look at the various improvements to the Point of Sale module in the  latest Odoo version, Odoo 16 .

In the earlier Odoo versions, the settings related to each POS shop were accessed using the Settings menu shown in Kanban View. In the recent Odoo version, this has been changed and moved to the Settings page, similar to other modules. At the top of the settings page, there will be an option to change the POS shop and create a new POS shop.

Moving to the POS screen itself, the initial loading animation got a small redesign. But that’s nothing compared to the huge design overhaul received for the Point of Sale module itself.

As you can see, there are lots of changes in the colors used, the design of product listings, buttons, etc. The changes are visually pleasing and are a welcome update to the existing colors.

When we click on the payment button, the number widget earlier took up a small amount of space on the screen. But in the latest version, the number widget is bigger and is intended to make it more usable on touchscreen devices. The bigger number widget ensures that the buttons are clickable even on systems with not-so-good touch interfaces.

When a customer is selected from the list, we need to click the "Deselect Customer" button on top of the view. But now that button has been removed and a button has been added to the bottom of the customer's name. This might be difficult to click on small screens and devices with a bad touch interface.

Also, the receipt screen has been improved to match the payment screen. The contents have been stretched and take up most of the remaining part of the system.

Another change is the Product Search button. It has been removed from the header and moved to the side, just after the category names.

Also, earlier, the customer credit was shown in the customer list view itself. Now this will be shown when clicking on the Details button on the side of the customer list. When clicking on the details button, a popup will be opened where the credit and other details of the customer are shown. Moreover, if any credit is available for the customer, settled accounts will be shown on the top to settle the customer's accounts.

There are lots of changes to the Point of Sale module apart from the visual redesign. improvements to rendering the pages, improvements to POS speedup, and various other improvements. The future of Odoo’s Point of Sale module looks bright with the latest changes, and we expect a lot more changes in the upcoming versions.

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