Top Angular Component Libraries

AFTHAB | January 09, 2023

Top Angular Component Libraries

Many applications need to solve general problems like presenting a unified user interface, presenting data, and allowing data entry. For different applications in particular domains that can be adapted for reuse, developers can create a general solution for them. These types of solutions can be built as Angular libraries, which can be published and shared as npm packages. An Angular library is an Angular project that, unlike an application, cannot run on its own. An Angular library should be imported and used in the application. Any Angular Developer can use other libraries that have been published as npm packages by the Angular team or third parties.

Library Choosing

When selecting a library, we must consider weekly downloads, errors, update times, and so on; otherwise, there is a risk of making app errors or having any issues with the application, which will affect the app's performance; thus, before installing the package, we must ensure that it is up to date.

Libraries Installations

Angular libraries are built as npm packages; these are integrated with the Angular CLI; you have to install the package, and after that, we have to import a module to integrate the reusable library.

Eg: npm install packagename, npm I package name

You can use the npm command to install all packages written in that package. JSON file

Libraries Usage

By using angular libraries, you can improve application performance or may chance to reduce performance, it depends upon choosing libraries, if you choose good libraries it will increase application performance and can reduce codes, angular libraries usage updating made good performance to application, earlier angular js is used, after updation of typescript angular libraries were founded, its made very useful, and angular is maintained by google, so you can expect angular updating zealously.

Creating Library

If we have developed features that are suitable for reuse, we can create our libraries. This type of library can be used locally in one's workspace or can be published as npm packages to be shared with other projects or Angular developers. This package can be published to the npm registry, the private npm Enterprise registry, or a private package management system that is supported by npm packages. The dedication of these packages as a library is an architectural decision. Putting code in a separate library is more difficult than putting everything in one application. When the library is used in multiple applications, this capability must be successful.

The syntax for creating libraries are:

    ng g library  < name > [options]

    ng generate library < name > [options]

Library Typing

Typings on.d.ts files are included. If our libraries package does not include typings and an error occurs, we must install the typings package's libraries. Types defined in this for library installation into the workspace are automatically added to the TypeScript configuration for the library's project. If it doesn't contain types, we can still add them manually.

Updating libraries

Updated by using the ng command to update individual library versions.


    Ng update < lib_name >

Top 10 Angular libraries for web developers:

  1. Material
  2. NGX Bootstrap
  3. NG Bootstrap
  4. Prime NG
  5. Onsen UI
  6. Vaadin UI
  7. Nebular UI
  8. NG Lightning
  9. Teradata Covalent UI
  10. Angular Google Maps

In today’s world web development become vast and popular most of us want part of this. The most demanding and highest-paying job is web development. It offers the most job satisfaction with a rating of 3.3 out of 5 which is among the top 43% of careers. When we take about web development Angular units be ignored. Angular developed by Google is a framework used for full-stack.It contains Javascript libraries. We talk about full-stack, Angular plays a major role in MEAN which means:-

MongoDB-NoSQL database program which document oriented

Express-Framework for Node .ts

Angular-TypeScript-based framework

Node Js-Non-blocking

Reusability with Angular libraries

Library in Angular App is reusability code that determines Angular components, services, or projects. These are like normal applications. The only dissimilar one is Angular application of these projects cannot execute on their own we want to import this for used them.


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