Why Choose Angular For Web Development Project?

SREELEKHA RAKESH | January 19, 2023

Why Choose Angular For Web Development Project?

Angular is an open-source Javascript framework that enables the development of web apps by adding built-in attributes and components. Mostly used for developing Single Page applications. It’s simple architecture helps in the development by a great margin.

Let's have a look at the benefits of Angular Web Development.

Support By Google

Google is one of the biggest firms in technology and the talented pool of Google developers is offering Long Term Support(LTS) for Angular to scale up enterprise Angular application development.

As the framework is developed by Google, the company itself uses it for its own applications. Google’s skilled team of engineers comes up with developments in the Angular framework every now and then.

Many big brands such as Netflix, Gmail, Youtube TV, and Upwork use the Angular framework.

Detailed Notification

It provided detailed documentation where any developer can self-learn angular without seeking anybody's help. Documentation is also useful to keep updated about new features.

Great Ecosystem

There are tons of third-party components available that can be used in the Angular. The built-in components will help the developer to add new features to their app without any development effort so it will enhance productivity

AOT Compilation

During the build phase, Typescript and HTML are converted into Javascript using Angular's AOT compiler. In order to render your web app more quickly, code is compiled before the browser loads it. Additionally, an AOT compiler is much safer than a just-in-time (JIT) compiler.


The entire development process is automated, making initialization, configuration, and development of apps as simple as possible. With a few straightforward commands, you can start a new Angular project, add features to it, and run unit and end-to-end tests.

Ivy Renderer

Angular 9 with Ivy as a default rendering engine. It translates an app’s components and templates into javascript code that can be displayed by a browser. The key characteristic of this tool is its tree-shaking technique. During rendering, Ivy removes unused code to make it clearer and smaller. As a result, web apps load faster.

Angular Universal

Used for server-side rendering, Angular Universal brings several benefits for your project. First, it makes it easier for web crawlers to raise the ranking of your web app in search engines. Second, it decreases page load time and improves the performance of mobile devices. These factors help you increase the number of users on your website.


Every organization fears security failure for its apps or websites. Angular has been developed to address the significant security vulnerabilities on the Client side. It ensures complete protection of your project.

Data Binding

Data binding saves Angular developers from writing a significant portion of the boilerplate code. It helps in the projection of your model to the application view. This leads to the application projection happening seamlessly.

Declarative UI

Angular designs templates using HTML. The framework’s scalability and innate intuitiveness make it declarative language. The declarative UI helps in making things more understandable and easy to manipulate.

Why Choose Sanesquare Technologies for Angular Web Development?

There are several reasons to choose Sanesquare Technologies for the Angular framework. First, we have experienced and skilled Angular teams who are proficient in using a variety of automation testing tools. Additionally, we have a track record of delivering high-quality web development services for our clients, and we always strive to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the results of our work. Angular boosts efficiency by meeting the needs of enterprise software development. The Angular framework is easy to grab up for any developer and improves the features to any extent according to the client’s needs.

We hope this blog were help for you to understand the importance of Angular For Web Development. Do you want to learn more about how Angular can help you achieve your website goals? Get a Free Consultation. To ensure intelligent, responsive, and scalable websites, our Angular experts can assist you with any of your Angular development, migration, and upgrade needs.

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