Why You Should Hire Indian Developers for IT Outsourcing?

VISHNU SATHEESH | December 07, 2022

Why You Should Hire Indian Developers for IT Outsourcing?

The Indian IT market has been steadily growing since the early 2000s, with many software developers across the country finding opportunities to work with global companies and expand their knowledge of new technologies every day. However, hiring Indian software developers for IT outsourcing hasn’t always been easy-especially because the majority of their salaries tend to be lower than those in other parts of the world. But if you consider how cost-effective India can be when it comes to employee leasing, you might change your mind about working with local software developers altogether..

Why Hire Indian Software Developers

There are several reasons why you should consider hiring an Indian software developer. India is not only the second most populated country in the world, but it's also one of the fastest-growing economies. The cost-effectiveness of outsourcing to India is top-notch as well, which is why many international companies hire individuals here. Here are some reasons why you should hire Indian software developers for IT outsourcing

  • India is an emerging market for international software outsourcing. In terms of cost-effectiveness, India is considered to be the top country for employee leasing. That's why international companies hire Indian employees.
  • Time difference between the other countries and India, businesses can benefit from daytime services from qualified Indian developers.
  • Qualified Indian developers speak both english and their native language so communicate with customers using either language making them ideal candidates for outsourcing work overseas.
  • Using Offshore Development Companiesgives global companies access to cheaper rates without having to relocate their staff offshore or travel abroad for long periods. They can also customize their offshore development center based on what they need done (i.e., localization, website development, etc.).
  • Cost savings isn't the only benefit of outsourcing your business processes; increased productivity and better-quality products are some other benefits you'll get by hiring Indian software developers.
  • You won't have to spend any time finding talent or screening programmers because the Indian team will do all of that for you. They will provide resources who know your product inside and out and have extensive domain expertise.
  • Localization - now you don't have to worry about translating materials into different languages anymore because once again, your team in India will take care of all the details. These localizers are experts at translating content while maintaining its meaning, style, tone, and voice. Additionally, these professionals know how to convey cultural nuances within marketing material such as brochures, websites, eBooks, etc.
  • Customer support is another area where outsourcing will help reduce costs associated with staffing customer service teams.

Great Pay and Benefits

Hiring software developers is a great way to improve your bottom line. A good strategy would be to hire an in-house developer who will have direct contact with stakeholders, while also hiring out other tasks, like graphic design and marketing to external contractors or a third-party firm. A cost-effective way of doing this is by hiring cheap IT resources from India.

The cost of living in India is very cheap as compared to other developed nations, which means that you get higher quality for less money. Additionally, there are lots of talented but unemployed engineers who are looking for jobs and would jump at the chance of getting a big contract from abroad if you ask them nicely and pay them well.

A Talented Workforce

India is a country with a large and skilled workforce. By taking advantage of this cheap IT resource, your company can save money in the long-run while maintaining high levels of quality. Furthermore, they have a broad range of skills that your company may require in one person. For example, if you're looking for someone to do Social Media Marketing as well as SEO, then India will have the perfect candidate that meets your criteria. Furthermore, India offers both entry-level and top-level developers which makes them an even more attractive cheap IT resource because they can be deployed anywhere on the project team. It's also worth noting that India has a large number of women in STEM fields which is great for companies who want diversity on their teams.

Highest Number of Engineer Graduates

India is the world's second-largest producer of engineers, There are more than 240 engineering colleges in India, producing 40,000 graduates per year and more than 100,000 qualified teachers. Given these figures, it is not surprising that India has emerged as one of the most cost-effective countries for employee leasing. That’s why international companies hire Indian employees to take on outsourced jobs.

  • The technical level of an average Indian developer is quite high. For example, they may know how to code in many programming languages like Java, C#, PHP or Python, etc.
  • It won't be wrong to say that India leads the way when it comes to outsourcing due to its cheap labor rate. The fact remains that Indians work hard but command lower wages which makes them perfect candidates for outsourcing projects where budgets are tight and there is no room for wastage or overspending on salaries.

Indian Leaders in Tech Around the World

At the most recent count, 60 of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are Indian. That's more than any other country on the list. The reason is that, from an economic standpoint, India is considered to be the top country for employee leasing. That's why international companies hire Indian employees. In addition to this, there are already more than 400 companies in India that provide services like testing and software development.

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