The banking and financial services industry works in the 'new normal' today, dominated by ever-tightening regulations, digital banking, and omnichannel client experiences. Compressing costs, including high Run-the-Bank (RTB) costs, due to the big FTE-based pricing models, is a main challenge for the industry. Succeeding in this environment requires industry players to strike a balance between operational optimization and digital transformation. While technologies such as Big Data, cloud, mobile, and IoT are already transforming the way business is done, banks need to optimize data management

Asset and Wealth Management

Asset and Wealth Management practice provides digital and advisory services to ensure asset and wealth managers meet shifting customer demands in a rapidly growing marketplace. We work with our clients-leading broker dealers, private banks, hedge funds, mutual fund providers and investment companies-to build deeper relationships with their customers through cohesive digital experiences, data-driven insights and future-proof operating models.

Digital Customer Experience

Understand your customers' fundamental motivations at every step to implement the right technologies for the right channels via digital. Boost customer engagement and retention and win market share by leveraging new digital platforms and technologies

Target Operating Model

Develop a target operating model to ensure your organization's resources are effectively supporting a strategic vision. Build a tailored operating model that incorporates end-to-end digital thinking to align organizational efforts and ensure resources are focused on reaching your business vision.

Artificial Intelligence & Analytics

Leverage big data, thick data and analytics to empower the advisor and enhance the delivery of advice. Gather and analyze data and client demographics from across the organisation to improve customer relationships, deliver increased value and make data-driven operational decisions.

Intelligent Process Automation

Utilize intelligent process automation to improve organizational efficiency and increase margins. Intelligent process automation can provide improved task accuracy, reduction in process cycle times and improved productivity within business units

Regulatory Compliance

Be prepared to increase and modify reporting measures, as well as understand the operational impact of new regulations and compliance initiatives on organisational structure and lines of business. Ease regulatory obligations from the Department of Labor, Financial Stability Oversight Council and the Securities Exchange Commission by implementing systems tailored to their reporting needs.

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