The bar for business excellence is set high in an industry synonymous with creativity and innovation. You must embrace new technology, create new distribution models, and meet the demands of a voracious and opinionated consumer.

As consumers become more digital, their media and entertainment consumption and purchasing habits have shifted from multitasking while watching TV to accessing information via multiple devices. This creates both challenges and opportunities for media and entertainment companies in terms of digital content distribution and consumption.

Our global Media & Entertainment practice assists broadcast, publishing, and entertainment organizations in innovating and staying ahead of the competition. You can rely on our experts to identify new opportunities for increasing revenue and lowering costs, implement a new business process and solution for an operational and content management system, or build and operate a digital supply chain solution.

As new revenue models evolve in entertainment, our team of experts can help with financial forecasting, financial transformation, project management, revenue recognition, and supply chain management. As digital media is distributed through new media, disputes over intellectual property and risk management have become commonplace.

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