Our world Media & Entertainment exercise assists broadcast, publishing, and entertainment companies innovate and remain ahead of the market. Whether it's identifying new opportunities for improving income and decreasing cost; implementing a new company process and solution for a functional and content management system; or building and operating a digital supply chain solution, you can depend on our professionals.

Using massive user bases as a jumping-off point, Platform companies are creating new digital ecosystems of advertisers, developers, merchants, suppliers and more. If scaled right, these companies can reap huge benefits from game-changing innovations that will help them win the race to disrupt adjacent industries. And the competition.

We brings its unique combination of product engineering, business processes and IT services expertise to address the most pressing needs of software vendors.Our focus is on evolving business models that achieve faster time to market and attain higher cost efficiencies.

What we do?

Our Strategy helps shape the future of Platform companies by discovering value and potential in an aggressive digital world. Proprietary research and inventive analysis provide the granular data needed to help business leaders confidently make complex decisions.

Our Consulting brings specialized industry-specific advisory services focused on mission-critical business areas. Our expertise spans all aspects of digital functions and operations, delivery streams, and management structures. Leveraging our research teams and digital acceleration labs, we provide data-driven solutions for innovative global expansion.

Our Webscale Services helps Platform companies evolve, scale and operate their services smart and effectively. With our world-class we Deliver Centers embedding AI and emerging technology to improve speed, we helps provide seamless international reach with creative, relevant user experiences.

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