3G MOBILE WORLD(HRMS)- south India’s most trusted digital establishment to delight the customers by extending value beyond expectations with an assortment of quality products & services and moulding an enduring relationship based on trust, value and care.100 Branches , 2000 employees  controlled by the  matchless HRMS supplied by Sanesquare Technologies

LITTLE FLOWER SCHOOL - Little Flower School epitomizes the new class of systematic educational institution.  One of the top ranking school in Calicut with Innovations in teaching and learning with relentless efforts in improving the quality standards. The curriculum focuses on a practical and application level approach to subjects and languages.  Education is progressive and flexible, helping us to develop successful students. An attractive responsive website was hosted for the school.

Visit Website: http://littleflowerchr.in

SANDHYA CINE HOUSE - Sandhya Cine House is a major landmark at its locality in Calicut. The Theatre has more than 30 years of experience in its field since its inception in 1984. Sandhya was renovated to a 2 screen Multiplex incorporating features like 4K Projection, 3D and Dolby Atmos sound system to bring the latest and greatest in cinema experience by employing the state of the art technology in visual and audio systems within the reach of every moviegoer. This is the first Theatre ERP system with Online/Offline booking facility of SANESQUARE.

Visit Website: http://www.sandhyacinehouse.com/

BOFLOWERS UAE - Leaders in flower arrangements, customised bouquet designing, corporate floral services, delivering flowers and green plants in UAE. Their professional team is committed to deliver flowers and plants same day all over UAE. Highly dedicated to provide only the freshest, most stunning products with service that is fast, friendly & dependable. We could design an eminent responsive E-Commerce Website for them.

Visit Website: http://www.boflowersuae.com/

BETHLEHEM TV -The primary aim of Bethlehem Ministry is the spiritual renewal of the lives of God’s people, Bethlehem Ministry has been using all possible means for the proclamation of the good news. With the purpose of helping people to lead a holy life, they have been organizing retreats in parishes and training programme. We developed and designed the website as per the requirement of Bethlehem TV.

Visit Website: http://bethlehemtv.org/

MESRA - An Alumni of MES Raja Residential School to bring all the students on a common platform. They give much importance to charity and relationship. We have provided an excellent CMS Web application though which they interact with each other, they all do charity directly with the payment gateway integrated with the App.

Visit Website: http://mesra.org/

MY CHANCE (MOBILE App + SOCIAL NETWORKING WEB APP) - We have made the dream into reality for “MY CHANCE”, a group of artist who wished to find out the talents of upcoming students from different part of India. It was an interesting and a very user friendly App, one could send their talents to the My Chance Team. Many of the present stars are just here as a result of our APP.

Visit Website: http://mychance.in/

NITHYANANDA (Hospital ERP) - One of the finest achievements of SANESQUARE was the development of HMS (Hospital Management System) that kept a close contact about each and every entity regarding Hospital. We could   bring a remarkable improvement in the Management and Administration Processes. The Software is capable of providing useful and relevant information that is prior in making decision regarding patient care.



CHANDRAGIRI AUDITORIUM- Chandragiri, the one & only multi functional auditorium in the heart of kalpetta, in the salubrious climate of a hill station, it’s an absolute blend of technology &hospitality designed & maintained keeping international standard of acoustics. It has a seating capacity of 1100 persons with comfortable seating position and stage vision. We could deliver a splendid website for the organisation.

Visit Website: http://www.chandragiriauditorium.com/

As a contact lens manufacturer, Appenzeller is a partners for all ophthalmologists, opticians and importersAppenzeller focus on quality "Swiss quality" and customer-friendly conditions. Through innovative technologies and extensive research, Appenzeller is constantly developing their products. Appenzeller's quality products guarantee your customers a high wearing comfort. We are proud to deliver a fully customised Multilingual(DE|FR|EN) Content Management System(CMS) for managing their web application as well as Lens manufacturing ERP is under development.

Visit Website: https://www.appenzeller-kontaktlinsen.ch/Appenzeller/homePage?locale=EN

SHARJAH ART (MOBILE APP + EVENT MGMNT) - An accomplishment or achievement during our successful endeavour, yet another golden feather in our crown. A project for "The Highness” of Sharjah.  We developed the Online/Offline Ticket system (Bilingual - Arabic & English) for The Rain Room in Sharjah. The Rain Room has been designed by Sharjah Art Foundation. Random International’s immersive installation Rain Room invites you to walk through a downpour of continuous rain without getting wet. Motion sensors detect the movements of the human body as visitors navigate through the darkened underground space, becoming performers in this intersection of art, technology and nature. 

Visit Website: https://rainroom.sharjahart.org/

FUTURE GULF(ERP)- Future Gulf Contracting Company in Dubai. The company has endeavoured to offer the best quality service in the field of construction and therefore has also been recognized as a quality oriented‐organization adopting up‐to‐date technologies and high standards of Quality Control procedures & working techniques in all areas of work. Future Gulf deliver quality products and services confirming to Quality plans and contract requirements. We Designed and Developed a total ERP system connecting all their Departments.

THDC(ERP)- A cloud based centralised ERP system for the best club in kerala, India which is affiliated to 500 clubs across the World. THDC is more than a holiday retreat. The club offers an excellent opportunity to rediscover the missing spirit in your life, with beautiful locations, best facilities, splendid cuisines and pleasing hospitality. THDC showcases many facilities under one roof.

INNATHE CINEMA – A Sister concern of SANESQUARE Technologies, specifically developed and designed for the movie ticket booking. We offer a quick and easy way to book tickets online for current and upcoming movie releases across cities in India. Life has never been so convenient for a movie buff in India.

Visit Website: http://innathecinema.com/

SAKALYA (Hospital ERP)- A Hospital Management Software was supplied to Sakalya Hospital, the integrated new generation hospital management software which converges latest technology and administration to manage work process within their hospital. This is designed for multi-speciality hospitals, to cover a wide range of Hospital administration and management processes. It is an integrated client server application.

ARANYAKAM-We hosted a CMS website for Aranyakam, They are nestled in 30acres of coffee plantation in  Wayanad's misty hills and lush forests lies Aranyakam , the exquisite ecological setting  are perfectly cosy that makes you long to curl up with a book. The bungalow has a rustic colonial ambiance in-cooperated with traditional features.  One may experience the delight of watching fireflies dance in the dark and clouds trapped in the valley or explore the plantation.

Visit Website: http://www.aranyakam.com/

JOSE CINEMAS- Jose Cinemas , started in 1973 on the occasion of World Labour Day, The Jose talkies turned out as a complete upgraded theatre with quality systems in 2018 with high-tech facilities for the very first time in the history of Wayanad like 4K Resolution, Dolby Atoms Sound System, 3D. We have provided a complete Theatre ERP system with offline/online booking.

Visit Website: http://josecinemas.com/